About Us (xmas)

xmasfunny® is a resource in finding the perfect Christmas or Hanukkah sweater for the holiday season. We showcase some of the most creative and unique product suppliers in the industry. There's so many choices for holiday sweaters! Some are funny, some traditional, some naughty, and some just plain adorable.

It's not all about Santa and snowmen anymore (although those themes are still popular!) Funny Christmas sweaters feature all kinds of lovable creatures in festive designs. Like kittens, and sloths, and llamas, and even unicorns.

There are themed sweaters too - like Redbull, Marlboro, beer brand, or snack brand. Something for everyone!

But you don't have to wear an actual sweater to a sweater party! There's an adorable selection of sweatshirts.

We showcase some companies who make Christmas and Hanukkah shirts that look like sweaters but they're not! Digital photography has really made an impact on the holiday market, and there are some great sweatshirts and tshirts that have photo-real designs that can really trick your eyes into believing they're real!